Registered Office: Corso Umberto I 7, 80138 Napoli
Storage area in Arezzo: LocalitĂ  Ponte a Chiari 33f, 52100 Arezzo
Storage area in Naples: Via Galeone 187, 80138 Napoli e Traversa Focone 7, 80056 Ercolano Napoli
Phone numbers​
0817901160 - 3357241089 - 3397192768

P.IVA 07444351212

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The synergy between the company's sales department and the other ones makes the difference with regard to the services offered by Officine Marmi Italia, thus characterizing quality and speed of execution. An efficient and structured service system, so that every part of the production and marketing process works best.

Consultancy, assistance and pre-assembly services


Officine Marmi Italia is able to offer a complete consultation in every phase of the project from the materials sampling, selection and supply, to the marble processing according to the agreed directives, continuing with the pre-assembly, up to shipment and installation, with a constant commitment aimed at efficiency and quality. Officine Marmi Italia offers an accurate pre-assembly service of dry materials to ensure the customer a detailed and comprehensive aesthetic vision before assembly and subsequent shipment.
This service gives further value to the creative work of the designer/client, providing further guarantee on the appearance of the finished work.

Officine Marmi Italia is able to follow the client until the final implementation of the project, representing one of the best partners as it deals with technical consultancy, management of construction sites with its specialized technicians, always ensuring the high quality standards from the beginning of the project until installation. Thanks to the presence of highly specialised personnel and top quality products, Officine Marmi Italia offers a precise, safe and suitable laying service for any type of project.


Officine Marmi Italia has stood out for years for the quality and meticulous attention to detail in the marble and stones processing. These characteristics have led the company over time to excel in the restoration and retail sector for large luxury brands, creating projects all over the world and obtaining quality and valuable results. Each project is carefully followed without ignoring even the smallest of details. Officine Marmi Italia is able to perform all the necessary processes thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies. The machines available to our customers are: block cutting, computer numerical control machines, water jet and automated four-axis machine (for 3D projects).

Storage areas

Officine Marmi Italia offers the opportunity for marble makers and experts to view and choose slabs of multiple varieties of marble, stone, travertine and onyx in its warehouses in Naples (Via Galeone), in Ercolano (Traversa Focone, 7) and in Arezzo (Loc. Ponte a Chiani, 33 F).


Officine Marmi Italia is able to offer technical consultancy and assistance to designers, in order to improve the development of stone projects. Our staff is at your disposal to provide you with design advice, on-site surveys and technical drawings.

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